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Sister Joy

"...poetry offers empowerment, healing and connection. For me, poetry opened a door."

Early in life I felt ill-equipped to grapple with the realities that life handed me, let alone express my views or feelings about the direction my life had taken.  I would later find that poetry offers empowerment, healing and connection.  For me, poetry opened a door.  This door opened wider with each poem I wrote.  It would become a portal to places more peaceful, meaningful and rewarding than those my life, to date, had required me to travel.  I decided to write poetry that inspires, empowers and engages readers of all ages. Beyond writing poetry, I discovered that presenting, reading and performing my poetry best enabled me to bring others to these wondrous and enlightening places as well.  I came to understand that poetry could offer a way to both express my views, concerns and questions, and also allow me to invite others to do the same.


Poetry addresses a need, yes, in the poet, but more significantly, in society as a whole. Through poetry we document -- whether to celebrate or lament the past; herald or anticipate the future; or express dreams of what could be.  Poetry gives voice to the soul, and in doing so, can build bridges over obstacles and between cultural, political and generational chasms.  It can bring peace by creating understanding, awareness and insight.  Ultimately, poetry allows spirits to take flight and soar.  Whether  through bookings, live presentation of poetry or books, poetry allows our story, the poet's truth, to be told.  I believe this is a good and necessary thing.


© by J. Joy “Sistah Joy” Matthews Alford 


 When the world echoes sounds that would keep us down

 Poetry sends back refrains that say 

 Let me lift you

 Let me give you insight to light your way

Unravel mysteries

Cope with life's inconsistencies

Comprehend that uncertainty paves the road we all travel

Let me share ancestors' truths 

With youth and elder alike--

Share with true seekers answers that empower

Let not the fear of this hour 

Rob the world this cherished light

Or deny tomorrow it's victory 

This is the charge of poetry 

For this she shall ever reign supreme 

As Queen! 


For a lesson on relevence and connection, this poem, "The Discovery of Connectedness" was inspired by my participation in multi-disciplined workshop conducted by classical musician/conductor Daniel Bernard Roumain at the U. of MD's Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.  The issues of relationship and connection, both cultural and generational, were significant in the musically-oriented collaborations.


The Discovery of Connectedness

© by J. Joy “Sistah Joy” Matthews Alford 


When we see ourselves

as but a mere, yet mandatory, speck

traversing the conduit called time

we appreciate the necessity and beauty of destiny.

We begin to comprehend

the need for purpose and direction.

Uniquely created, we each somehow complete

the montage of the universe.

Such awareness can, ...perhaps, entice us

to dance more rhythmically,

whether to the symphonic melody of Opera,

the syncopated rhythm of Jazz

or the pulse-driven beat of Hip-hop

To dance is the thing!

Ever learning new steps--

ever bending, stretching, reaching

at once forward, but also embracing

the offerings of ancestors,

valuing each signature-driven step

dancing toward the discovery of connectedness

required to complete the masterpiece.

Celebrate Juneteenth with The Anointed P.E.N.S.

Do you know what Juneteenth is, ...and what it isn't?

Much information has been shared about the history and cultural relevance of Juneteenth.  Some is factual, some is not. The community is invited to attend this poetry based celebration that includes an informational presentation by the much acclaimed educator and speaker, C.R. Gibbs to learn the facts.  Come learn the truth about this country's oldest African American freedom celebration.  Participate in our Juneteenth Open Mic while you are here.  Join the Anointed P.E.N.S. and The Psalmists of Solomon of The Ebenezer A.M.E. Church Poetry Ministry as they present this year's Juneteenth Celebration, Friday, June 15 at Ebenezer A.M.E. Church.  This event is open to all ages.  The Open Mic sign-up closes at 8pm.

Featured Speaker will be noted historian and lecturer, C.R. Gibbs, P.O.S. Psalmist, Christine Jenkins, Liturgical Dancers, Jean Law and Esther Garrett, with African Drumming and Dancing by The Malcolm X Drummers & Dancers.  Heavy hors d'oeuvres will be served and a free-will offering will be accepted.  

Location:  7707 Allentown Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744

Time:  6-9pm  *Open Mic sign-up closes at 8:00pm.

Cost:  Free

My Blog

Get to know me, my views and some of the ideas that concern or inspire me.  Sometimes the topics turn up in my poetry.  Other times they surface in my work as an activist who addresses issues through my art.

The work of a poet requires wearing many hats...

Collective Voices

In my early years as a poet of conscience, I sought to collaborate with like-minded poets in sharing messages of social significance.  In 1995, I founded the poetry group, Collective Voices.  What began as a sisterhood of poets has today evolved into an ensemble of poets, no longer a sisterhood, but which continues to lift messages of social relevance.  Collective Voices, whose members currently include Sylvia Dianne "Ladi Di" Beverly, Andre "Brenardo" Taylor and me, J. Joy "Sistah Joy" Matthews Alford, has written and performed our inspirational, motivational and empowerment poetry on radio and television; and has performed at local, national and international events. Collective Voices' international debut was in London, England in 1998.  We are published individually and as an ensemble, and our works have appeared in numerous anthologies.  We continue to perform, accept public speaking engagements and book-signing requests, facilitate poetry workshops and present our work before culturally diverse inter-generational audiences. 




Listen at the link below to an interview of my poetry group, Collective Voices, by nationally renowned poet and literary icon, Grace Cavalieri as part of her series, "The Poet and the Poem".  Grace Cavalieri's interviews and book reviews have appeared in various journals including The American Poetry Review.  Her original "Poet and the Poem" series premiered on public radio in 1977.  The series, which is recorded at The Library of Congress, is distributed on-line via podcast and is also aired through radio stations around the country.     



Sojourn with Words - Award winning Poetry Cable Television Program

In 2005 I was requested to co-produce and host a poetry-oriented program on the Prince George's County local access station.  Since that time I have gone on to produce and host Sojourn with Words, along with the show's Executive Producer, Curtis Crutchfield, at CTV Studios in Largo, Maryland.  The show has earned national recognition (2 Telly awards) for excellence in cultural programming and arts entertainment.  Sojourn with Words airs in Prince George's County on CTV (Comcast Ch. 76 and Verizon Ch. 42) 2-3 times weekly. Poets interested in being featured should email me at Poetsistahjoy@aol.com with Sojourn with Words Poet in the subject line.

We are pleased to share that the latest Sojourn with Words episode featuring the Prince George's County Youth Poet Laureate, Michaela Lacy, has begun to air.  Tune in to Sojourn with Words on CTV (Comcast Ch. 76 or Verizon Ch. 42) to check out this powerful young poet who is creating a buzz all over the region.  Reach out to be in touch at Poetsistahjoy@aol.com if you'd like to inquire about her or my availability to present poetry at your event.  

The current Sojourn with Words "encore presentations" schedule is Thursdays, 11:30 am & 6:30 pm and Saturdays at 6:30 pm.  Tune in and invite your friends to tune in as well to join the Sojourn with Words family. To check for schedule changes or view the full CTV weekly program listing visit: pgctv.org/tv-schedule/.  

Sojourn with Words viewers and poetry fans outside our viewing area may purchase DVDs of current and previously-aired episodes of the show by contacting CTV at http://pgctv.org/program-copies/.


Poetry as Ministry - The Anointed P.E.N.S.

Since 2003, I have served as President of the Ebenezer A.M.E. Church Poetry Ministry of Ebenezer A.M.E. Church in Fort Washington, Maryland.  Ministry members are known as The Anointed P.E.N.S. (Poets Empowered to Nurture Souls).  In 2016, I was named Poet Laureate of the Church, where I continue to lead the ministry through poetry-based service and community engagement. 


Membership in The Anointed P.E.N.S. is open to members of the church and community poets who embrace and espouse the teachings of Christ.  Activities include monthly Ministry meetings (3rd Fridays) as well as community and church poetry presentations, and 4 annual "Poetry & Praise Open Mic celebrations, which are free and open to the community.  The Ministry also accepts invitations to minister at area churches, nursing homes and at community-based events. Interested poets and church officials may contact The Anointed P.E.N.S. at the Poetry Ministry Hotline, 301.265.8254; through the Ministry Facebook page, "Ebenezer A.M.E. Church Poetry Ministry;" or by email at Poetry@ebenezerame.org.

Ebenezer A.M.E. Church Poetry Ministry  "Poetry & Praise" Open Mic services and celebrations take place at the church at 7707 Allentown Road, Fort Washington, Maryland, 20744. 

2018 Poetry & Praise Open Mic celebrations, which take place from 6:00 - 9:00pm on 3rd Fridays, include:

February 16 - Black History Month Celebration  

April  20 - National Poetry Month Celebration 

June 15 - Juneteenth Celebration 

October 19 - National Arts & Humanities Month Celebration 

Dates are subject to change due to weather and church scheduling conflicts, so guests are encouraged to contact Poetry@ebenezerame.org for schedule confirmations. Official announcements (flyers, email announcements and social media postings) are available at least 3 weeks in advance. All Poetry & Praise Open Mic services are free and open to the community.  A free-will offering is accepted.  Celebrations most often include performances by the Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers. Refreshments (heavy hors d'oeuvres) are served.  All ages are welcomed.  Inquiries, comments and membership requests to join the Ebenezer A.M.E. Church Poetry Ministry may be directed to Poetry@ebenezerame.org or the Poetry Ministry Hotline at 301.265.8254. 

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I will post my public upcoming events on this website.  You can also obtain information about other poetry events (not just mine!) on my Facebook page, "Sistah Joy Alford" or my Business Facebook page, "Sistah Joy Alford - Poetry."    

Sistah Joy as author...

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Each of my three collections of poetry are available by contacting me at P. O. Box 2073, Clinton, MD 20735.

Lord, I'm Dancin' As Fast As I Can - $15

From Pain to Empowerment, The Fabric of My Being - $10  

This Garden Called Life - Poems & Photography by Sistah Joy - $12.50 

*To obtain the book purchase order form below write to Poetsistahjoy@aol.com.

Save this page as a photo and print. Submit your completed order form with your payment.

Additional Information

Print and submit completed order forms along with payment by cashier check or money order made payable to J. Joy Alford at P. O. Box 2073, Clinton, MD 20735.  


The Power of Poetry to Address National and Global Hunger

Sistah Joy participated in a North America UN (United Nations) roundtable discussion and poetry presentation on the power of poetry to address national and global hunger.  The article below provides details about this significant discussion on hunger  between 4 American poets and UN officials from countries around the world.


Poets Speak! FOLA - Performance, Discussion and Open Mic

Sistah Joy joined poets Patrick Washington, Hiram Larew, Reuben Jackson, Alan King, Gowri K and host, Derrick Weston Brown, at the Hyattsville Busboys and Poets for the 2018 FOLA (Festival of Literary Arts).


This "reading/panel/open mic" moderated by former Busboys and Poets poet-in-residence, Derrick Weston Brown, and hosted by the PGAHC on 5/12/18, showcased the rich, diverse & multi-generational poetic legacy of the DMV, while also providing a critical look into the intersectionality of the written, spoken and social justice worlds.

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Poetry News

Look for my new book, "Poets Don't Whisper" in early 2019.  Contact me at Poetsistahjoy@aol.com or P. O. Box 2073, Clinton, MD 20735 to let me know if you, your church, community organization or business would like to discuss what it takes to host a book-signing or reading when my new book comes out.  


Video: "Victors, Not Victims"

Sistah Joy presents her poem, "Victors, Not Victims," which appears in her book, Lord I'm Dancin' As Fast As I Can."  Recorded in Jacksonville, Florida, 2016.

Poetry for 2 Little Girls - An Afternoon Tea

Sistah Joy reads two poems, "A Tea Cup of Love" and  "Tea Time with Family and Friends" dedicated to her 5-year-old granddaughter, Jordan, and her granddaughter's 4-year-old friend, Khadi. The poems were previously presented to the two young girls at a Sunday afternoon tea.

Community Service Award

Sistah Joy receives prestigious CAAPA Community Service Award

Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts (CAAPA) Executive Director, Terri Allen, presented the organization's prestigious Community Service Award to Sistah Joy in recognition for her extraordinary and continuing work in the community "in the areas of poetry, literature, spoken word and arts and humanities...as an author, advocate and activist, with dedicated service to Prince George's County Arts Community and the community at large... whose enthusiasm, diligence and commitment have not gone unnoticed."


Next collection of poetry...

Sistah Joy's fourth collection of poetry, Poets Don't Whisper, will be released in early 2019.


For inquiries, bookings or book requests, contact Sistah Joy at Poetsistahjoy@aol.com

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