Get Outta My Way

Sistah Joy presents her poem of empowerment, fortitude and determination, "Get Outta My Way," as a rebuke against all the challenges, hardships and snares that life sends our way.  This poem speaks to overcoming obstacles through faith.

2 Poems: "On Faith's Edge" & "Whispers of Revelation"

Sistah Joy presents two poems, "On Faith's Edge" and "Whispers of Revelation" as part of the 2018 Davies Concert Series.

Rock This!

Sistah Joy presents her poem, "Rock This" sharing her purpose and passion for poetry.  The free-flowing lyrics and rhythmic musicality of this poem lends itself to effectively communicating the relevance of poetry to a variety of audiences.

Thank You

Tribute to legendary actress, activist, author and icon, Ruby Dee, ...who was not yet an ancestor at the time of this recording.

Victors, Not Victims

This poem speaks in the voice of an enslaved African that survived the Transatlantic slave voyage.  In addition to slavery, the poem speaks of freedom and victory. 

Tell Me How

In this poem Sistah Joy addresses  the challenges, cruelty and brutality that Blacks faced historically, through those Blacks continue to face in America.

In a query directed to her ancestors the poet searches for meaning and answers on surviving in the racial and spiritual abyss that is America today.