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Remembrances - A Memorial Day Poem

Written for and presented at the Ebenezer A.M.E. Church 2008 Memorial Day Celebration, “Holy Spirit – Bring All Things to Our Remembrance.” 


Reaching back 

Spiritually embracing absent family and loved ones

We will mourn our loss of them forever

But on this day we pay homage and honor their memory

We thank God for them and all they gave us

And, as graciously as we know how, 

Thank them for their sacrifice 

We recall daughters, mothers, foremothers 

And our sons, brothers and father warriors, ancestors all

Who stood tall ‘til time, 

As measured by eternity’s hand,

Released them from their labor


Memories handed down one to another 

In ways that anchor and reassure us 

Keeping souls safe through prayer and faith

Those who came before 

Paved the way, opened a door 

To which only they held the key

In the meanwhile they have left us remembrances

May we ever be comforted by this gift from God 

This feeling, this yearning deep inside 

Remembering absent, yet forever present caring hearts and hands

Warm smiles, strong backs, gentle hugs 

Given then to build fortresses within us 

Shields of love that comfort and cradle us

They soften tomorrow’s blows, enrich our spirits 

With lullabies that echo in our minds and soothe our souls

In ways that only love can comprehend 


Special and treasured memories of different times and places

But mainly of family and friends, precious and delicate

Somehow, despite losses, we grow -- always 

For the legacy must continue

We lift little ones to places of understanding

Through stories and family photographs

Keeping alive their connection 

With folk gone long before their time

Some gone so long even elders struggle to recall their face

But their place in the family will always stay strong

Just like the love and the strength they shared and dared to give 

At times, it was all they had

Now we remember, with love, that they gave their best

And their best makes our tomorrows better 

Remembrances, through smiles and tears

We thank God, despite our pain and sadness

Our souls are made glad when we remember

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"So we look back  
Name and claim our mournings,  
As freely as we seek
the glory and glee of victories  
Not to dwell in yesterday  
Nor she in us  
But to gain from her legacy,
good or bad  

Ancestors, elders, and
tomorrow’s seed yet born  
Each has or shall witness
With earthly short-sightedness
That which limits vision to all this side of Jordan..."  

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"With faith that flickers   

Like fireflies in the night  

We wander, float  

A seemingly aimless   

Reaching out   

Seeking to take   

More than give   

Survive rather than live 

Unaware of the beauty  

And brightness of our own light   Reflections are few  

When those around you  

Only cast shadows  

That challenge, ridicule   

And dim the radiance of right..." 

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Poetry by Sistah Joy

Poetry by Sistah Joy